Skills Catalog

Learn the industry-standard practices in remote working and work/life hacks to a productive a remote team.


Becoming a Remote Working Pro - Gain specialist skills for Remote Working

Course Outline
  • Module 1: Mindset, Routines and Practices of a Productive Remote Worker
  • Module 2: Accelerate Your Performance at Home
  • Module 3: Well-Being: Improve the Quality of Work Life
  • Module 4: Complexities in Remote Work Communication
  • Module 5: Employing Communication Tools to your Advantage
  • Module 6: Communicate Like a Remote Working Pro
  • Module 7: Essentials for Remote Collaboration
  • Module 8: Using Collaboration Tools in Remote Work
  • Module 9: Becoming a Competent Collaborator
  • Module 10: Taking Initiative and Building Relationship
  • Module 11: Code of Conduct
  • Module 12: Commercial Confidentiality