Your Ultimate Guide to Remote Working

Remote work is changing the culture of work as we know it.

Remote Staff's courses will equip you with everything you need to work remotely.


Remote Working Skills Development Program

Remote Staff’s founder and a fierce advocate for remote working in the Philippines, Chris Jankulovski, welcomes all course participants and briefs everyone on what they can expect from the program.


How it Works


Our Courses

Course 1: All About Remote Working

What exactly is remote work? How do you get started? What sort of person do you need to be to do well in this industry? Find out here.

Course 2: Becoming a Remote Worker Pro

From effective communication to virtual collaboration, learn all the tips and tricks behind being the most productive remote worker you can be.

Course 3: Onboarding to a Remote Job

So, you got a great remote work gig? What do you do now? Here’s how you get started on your new career.

Course 4: Role-specific Skills Courses

Time to hone your craft! Learn from the experts with our Role-specific Skills courses.

Key Features of our Courses

Interactive Tools

Check out our interactive self-diagnostic tests to get an immediate and accurate assessment of your suitability for remote work.

Videos and Animation

From walkthrough videos to animated descriptions of key processes, this course is chock-full of visual learning aids to enhance your experience.

Downloadable Content

You can download some of the content to review anytime and anywhere - whether you’ve got an Internet connection or not.

Virtual Guide

From qualifying and hiring to onboarding and leading, we’ve got you covered in every step of the remote work journey.

Remote Working Stories


Becoming a Remote Working Pro - Gain specialist skills for Remote Working

Course Outline
  • Module 1: Mindset, Routines and Practices of a Productive Remote Worker
  • Module 2: Accelerate Your Performance at Home
  • Module 3: Well-Being: Improve the Quality of Work Life
  • Module 4: Complexities in Remote Work Communication
  • Module 5: Employing Communication Tools to your Advantage
  • Module 6: Communicate Like a Remote Working Pro
  • Module 7: Essentials for Remote Collaboration
  • Module 8: Using Collaboration Tools in Remote Work
  • Module 9: Becoming a Competent Collaborator
  • Module 10: Taking Initiative and Building Relationship
  • Module 11: Code of Conduct
  • Module 12: Commercial Confidentiality