Module 4 – Well-Being Improving the Quality of Work Life

What Will I Find Here Module 4 – Well-Being Improving the Quality of Work Life


At the end of this module, you will be able to recognize remote work isolation and loneliness and discover ways to overcome impending feelings of isolation and loneliness by:

  • Identifying the the causes of isolation
  • Determining the causes why people feel isolated and/or lonely while working remotely
  • Recognizing strategies on how to prevent remote work isolation and/or loneliness
  • Cite ways on how to manage other people’s thoughts about your remote work
  • Identifying ways on how to improve work-life quality

In this module, we will explore the following topics to help you improve your well-being:

  1. What Remote Work Isolation and Loneliness is
  2. Reasons Why People Feel Isolated or Lonely When Working from Home
  3. How to Cope with Remote Work Isolation and Loneliness
  4. Manage Anxieties About How People Perceive Your Work
  5. How to Improve Your Well-Being