Topic 1 | Ideal Home Office Set-up

One’s personal work space, just like the office environment, can greatly impact the way an individual works. So, what can you do to create a suitable atmosphere for work and a productive work space to work at?

From the previous chapters, we have established that remote working provides numerous benefits that can improve your lifestyle. You get more time for your family, savings from transportation and food expenses, and many more.

To sustain this lifestyle, it’s important to set up a working and effective home office space.

A well-placed home office will create a conducive environment that is appropriate for work. This will help you work effectively and efficiently and complete your daily tasks.

So, what makes an ideal home office space?


A Dedicated Remote Working Room

Think of remote working like working in the office except your office is in your house. You still work on a desk while having that routine breaks.

To avoid interruptions, you need to be in a quiet room with a door you can lock. If you don’t have a separate room, it can be a desk in your living room. Just make sure to talk to your kids or your family members to keep quiet while you’re working

It’s not only for your productivity. You want to show your clients that you have ideal working conditions and that you can deliver your work efficiently.


A Quiet Place 

This is specifically important if your role requires you to be on the phone.

Imagine having to call a client for that big sale, and suddenly roosters start crowing? How would your prospective lead feel?

You can’t control the noise from some areas of our house. Your neighbour might have an hyperactive barking dog or a construction site nearby. It’s best to avoid these places.

Choose an area in your house that’s further from the road or your noisy neighbor. If you can’t avoid noise invest in some good quality noise-cancelling headphones.


A Well-ventilated Area

It’s difficult to concentrate when you are sweating while working. Poor ventilation can hamper your concentration and output. Remember you will be spending most of your waking day in this space.

Being comfortable in your home office space will make you more productive.



Good Lighting

Unless you are an owl, you won’t be working well in the dark. It’s directly related to our circadian rhythms (the process that regulates our sleeping patterns).

When it’s dark, we are predisposed to feel sleepy and unproductive. A place with good lighting is essential for your remote working career.

Well-lit room will make you more cheerful, alert, and energetic to finish the tasks for the day.


Comfortable Seats

How many hours will you be remote working? 4 hours? 8 hours? Imagine having the same crooked and uncomfortable posture during those times. You will definitely develop some back pain and neck pain — which is quite distracting.

Ideally, your chair should be high enough for the computer monitor screen. And your arms and elbows can naturally rest when you’re typing.

It’s a bonus when your chair also has back support, soft fabric, and adequate padding. If you can’t afford the specialty chairs yet, putting a pillow at the back of your chair and a travel neck pillow can be an alternative.


A Clean and Organized Workspace

Not all people can strive in a chaotic and messy workplace. According to a Harvard study, a disorganized desk can undermine your persistence. It stops people from doing something they have to do.

Imagine having that innate quality in your environment; it will cause unproductive behavior.

Make it a point to have an uncluttered desk. You don’t need to spend money to clean your workspace. After all, you want to give your best. And with this little step, you might achieve more career development in remote working.



Your clients might have sensitive information. You should choose a place where data and information is not compromised. Avoid places where people usually move in-and-out.

If this can’t be done (for example, your office is in the living room), you should tell them to avoid your area at least on client calls.