Topic 1 | Ideal Home Office Set-up

The Challenges

In selecting your home office space, you may or may not have encountered these concerns of not having a spare room or having a spare room but with limited space. These could be your challenges too, so find out how you can overcome these.


Challenge #1: “I have no spare room.

Having a spare room is critically important. It is because remote working is not just a 1 to 2 hours freelancing job. In remote work, you will be engage to work for 8 to 9 hours; hence, you need to completely be able to focus at your task.

So it is highly recommended to allot a designated room solely for remote working purposes. Now, what if you have a spare room, however, it is small and gives you limited space to work at?


Challenge #2: “My spare room has limited space.”

When you have a spare room but you feel it is small and narrow to house the equipment you need in remote working, then here are some suggestions that you can apply to maximize your limited space.


  • Tip 01: Go vertical. – If having a tiny space is your concern, look in a different perspective. Your wall is wide and high. You can take advantage of your wall space and make it your storage solutions. You can also divide that space wherein the bottom area is your work desk, while the top part is where you place your paperwork within your reach.


  • Tip 02: Make storages do double duty – Aside from putting books or paperwork, cabinets or vertical bookshelves can also serve as peripheral stands for your printer if on the right height. Use the top flat surface of a filing cabinet as extra table for your documents. Or have a table that also works as a storage be customized for you.


  • Tip 03: Build Murphy table – Another way to maximize your space is to apply Murphy style. Space-saver and functional at the same time! Take inspiration from the internet. There are lots who have created and used Murphy desk used as a computer table.


  • Tip 04: Part spaces using wall dividers – Partitioning a room using a wall divider can be a solution to your limited space concern. It signals the “end” of one room and the start of another. Pick a divider that you can close, which indicates that you are working.


  • Tip 05: Place shelves in the windows as additional storage space – Since you need natural lighting, you will most likely have at least one window in your home office. Take advantage of the window sill or create extension and make it an additional storage space. If you’re a green-thumb and have a knack for collecting plants, then place them there.