Topic 2 – How to Install and Work With the Security Software

Once you have signed the contract, you should receive an email with log-in instructions for the Remote Staff subcontractors system. Typically, your log-in details will be the email address you applied with and the specified password on your job seeker account.


Installing the RSSC Software

After you log in, you should see the subcontractors’ dashboard. On the left bar, click on the RSSC Installer button.

Download the Remote Staff Screen Capture (RSSC) Installer for either Windows or MAC (depending on what you are using). Use that installer to install the RSSC software onto your computer.


How to Initiate the RSSC Tracker

At the beginning of your shift each day, open the RSSC software. Log in to the system by clicking “Connect.”


Hit the “Start Work” button. This makes the software automatically capture the time set in your computer. Bear in mind that while the RSSC software is running, it will capture all ongoing activities on your computer. It will also take screenshots every three (3) minutes.


If you have several clients on the Remote Staff platform, make sure you select the right one from the drop-down menu for your shift before you hit “Start Work.” The wheel right underneath the text “Capturing Screen every 3 min.” should keep spinning while you are on shift. The lower right edge of the RSSC tracker should also read “Working for [client name].”


If it reads “Not Working,” it is because you need to press “Start Work” first. The tracker will not begin to record your time on the job until you do this.

Click on “Finish Work” only when your shift ends for the day. This will capture the total working hours you have rendered, less your the time you spent on lunch. More on that later.



Using the Activity Tracker

The activity tracker will also occasionally prompt you to indicate which tasks you are working on, as well as your progress (e.g., 40%, 60%, or 100% finished) on it. Depending on your client’s specifications, the activity tracker will pop up every 20 minutes or every hour. Be sure to either type in what you are currently up to or select the right activity from the drop-down menu each time.

You can also type in your usual daily tasks under the To Do’s Today tab on the RSSC control panel. Simply click on the To Do’s Today tab, and click “Add.” Type in the nature of your task (e.g., “Publish article on wordpress,” “Handle customer calls,” etc), and then click “Ok.” The new task will now appear on your to-do list and you can simply select it from the drop-down menu on the activity tracker the next time it pops up.

If you need to edit anything on the to-do list, simply click on the task in question and then click “Edit.” Modify as needed, then hit “Ok.”

Lunch Breaks and Quick Breaks

If you are on a full-time shift, that is an 8-hour one, you are entitled to one (1) lunch break and two (2) quick breaks throughout the day. You are allotted one (1) hour for your lunch break, so hit the “lunch break” button before you go on it. Click on it again once you are finished, and do make it a point not to go over your one-hour allotment as the lunch break is not counted as part of your hours.

Quick breaks, on the other hand, are worth about ten (10) minutes each. Unlike lunch breaks, these are still counted as part of your hours. Hit the “quick break” button (the one with a coffee cup) to go on one, and then click on it again when you are ready to go back to work.

Should you exceed the allotted time for your lunch and quick breaks, you will receive a reminder in your inbox and the tracker will change your status from “Working” to “Not Working.” The tracker will stop counting your hours at work until you set the tracker right.

If you work part-time, you are entitled to neither a lunch break nor a quick break.

Web-Cam Captures

If you don not provide a timely response to instant messages on Skype or the RS chat, or to phone calls and SMS messages, Remote Staff may activate the webcam capture feature on your tracker. This is because failing to provide such implies that you are not at your workstation when you should be and you will be required to turn on your webcam to prove otherwise.

When this happens, the wheel underneath the text “Capturing camera every 3 min” on your RSSC Control Panel will be turned on and will keep spinning.

However, do note that some clients might require this from the beginning due to their preferences and/or because of the nature of the job. You may negotiate otherwise if you have a good reason to, of course.


Let’s do it:

Log in to your Remote Staff subcontractor account, then download and install RSSC. Comment “Done” below once you have successfully downloaded and installed the system, and feel free to raise any questions or concerns you may have about this topic.