Topic 2 | Why Do people work remotely

Everyone has a different goal and lifestyle, and those who opt to work remotely do so for various reasons. Here are just a few of the things that working remotely allows them to do:

Save Money

When you work from home, you can forego a lot of the usual expenses associated with traditional office work.
First, you get rid of transportation costs because your office is literally just a few steps away. Your food expenses are also lower because it’s much cheaper to prepare food at home as opposed to eating out for lunch and/or dinner.
Best of all, you can work in your pajamas, so there’s no need to max out your credit card keeping up with the latest clothing trends or buying expensive work clothes.


Escape from Traffic

According to renowned urban planner Felino “Jun” Palafox Jr., we Filipinos waste 9 to 15 years of our lives stuck in traffic. Why? Traffic jams in the Philippines suck, big time.
On a good day, Filipinos spend 3 hours or more commuting. That’s a total of 780 hours spent commuting in a year!
If you worked from home, that’s an additional 3 hours or more you can spend doing things you actually like per day, as opposed to sitting in traffic.


More Job Options

Working remotely allows you to consider job options from around the world! Your options are not limited to your geographical location.


Stay in your Home Town

Most Filipinos flock to urbanized areas to look for jobs. Because remote work arrangements are largely location-independent, the jobs come to you, which means you can stay in your hometown and forego migrating to the city.


More Time for your Family

If you wake up at 4 AM and then get home at 8 PM (if you’re lucky) five days a week, what sort of relationship would you have with your partner and/or your kids? Would you even still have time for yourself?
With remote work, you don’t have to choose between a stellar career and your family. When you don’t have to show up at an office, you can get stuff done AND still be there to make memories with them.

Time for Business and Passion Projects

What can you do with those extra 780 hours every year? Plenty.
Always wanted to start a restaurant? Want to help the Philippines through social entrepreneurship? Or do you just want to take your Zumba hobby to the next level?
Thanks to remote work, you can still do any of those things without giving up a steady stream of income.