Topic 3 | Understanding Client’s Persona and Working Patterns

We all want to be on our manager’s good side. Not just for the perks, but we want to work together with a manager that we are happy to collaborate with. We spend most of our time at work, so a harmonious relationship is crucial for our own happiness.

That is why knowing your client’s persona and working patterns is helpful for a fruitful remote working career.


Understanding Personality Types

Understanding the personality of your manager will help you work better with them. The DISC theory suggests that people belong to four (4) fundamental personality types, namely Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientious.

Please take note that this tip to assess your manager (or anyone) based on DISC Personality is just to help you understand their personality and be guided on how to best approach them. This, however, cannot be a basis of the entire personality of an individual.

On top of this, you can also ask them about their work patterns. When do they want to receive reports? When is the best time to reach out to them? Asking these questions can shortcut the adjustment process.

Personalities are complex. We can have combinations of each personality. But in general, we have a dominant one. Communication is still essential. So take this as a guide, not as a hard and fast rule.


Becoming a Team Player

The best way to be on your manager’s good side is to be a valuable player in your team. Work well with your teammates, and avoid causing them undue stress. So be on time, have a good attitude, and collaborate with your team well. It is the little things that count.


Make Their Job Easier

Your manager has a lot on their plate. They too have tasks they have to finish. So as much as possible, you should make their job easier. Have the initiative to spot things that can be improved. Know what your team goals are and be proactive and try to volunteer solutions that can help fix them.

Not everything will be spoon-fed to you. So wear your thinking caps and get things done!



Understanding your manager is not an overnight thing. It takes time to find the sweet spot where you can collaborate smoothly. But if you are proactive, you can definitely have an effective working relationship with your clients.