Topic 4 | The Job Post

How do you feel when you check a job post?

Perhaps, we may have felt the same way—first, you feel like celebrating after finding out that the position you want is available, and you can’t wait to open that job post. So, you click or tap it. Then, directed to the page, you’re suddenly seeing a trail of cumulus clouds covering the sun, as you look at the lists of qualifications, requirements, and duties for the job.



I think, it is more, disheartened, right?

That’s all right.

I mean, it’s ok to feel that way. But after a few seconds, pull yourself together, shake off the negativity, and remind yourself of your goal, that is, to get your dream remote job.


So, what do you find in a job post?

You’ll absolutely see here the job title and its description, the list of duties, and last but not the least, the list of qualifications—the specific skills, educational requirements, work experience, and personal attributes required to perform the job.

The lists may seem daunting, but if you check them one by one, you will realize that you possess and can do most of them, if not all.

To confirm if you possess or if you can perform the specified items, open a document, copy them, and paste them on it. Now, read each item and put a check mark beside the item that you think you have or can do; otherwise, a cross mark. Then, review the items with cross marks.

  • What are these?
  • Why do you lack these?
  • Is there a way for you to learn and acquire each of them?

For example, the job necessitates someone to be adept at using Adobe Photoshop. If you really want the job, you’ll get the hang of utilising the required software.

So, when you check a job post, don’t be discouraged. Examine the lists and be challenged to acquire what you don’t possess yet.