Topic 5 | Managing Your Sleep (Mid Day Nap)

Working from home entails a flexible schedule. Most clients or employers care more about the quality of the work produced rather than the time spent working. As a result, a flexible remote working schedule allows for a privilege that traditional office workers only dream of: the mid-day nap.


How Mid-Day Naps Can Benefit Productivity

It sounds counterintuitive, but taking a short nap in the middle of a work day can make a person more productive. Apart from giving a bit of rest, naps also provide the following benefits:


Increased Focus and Alertness

Lots of people feel especially drowsy after lunch. This is sometimes known as the 2 PM slump, and working through it makes a person slow and grumpy.

Thus, a light nap, even a ten-minute one, can refresh mind and boost cognitive performance for as long as three hours afterwards. It can also make a person feel a lot more alert upon waking, which would benefit remote workers with late-night shifts.


Higher Accuracy

Naps can help eliminate drowsiness, thus increasing mental sharpness and enabling a person to make less mistakes on the job.


Considerable Mood and Memory Boost

There are studies that show that daytime napping can improve memory by 33 percent. It is also a better alternative to eating one’s way out of an afternoon slump. Taking a short nap when you feel grumpy instead of reaching for unhealthy snacks will prevent any feelings of bloatedness or guilt and improving your mood.


Try to practice your power naps in the same time every day in order to train your bodies to fall asleep easily that time. Have a happy nap, and experience how it helps regain concentration and boost productivity.


 Module Summary

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You have learned to:

  • differentiate the types of distractions
  • understand the reasons why people get distracted
  • get around distractions at home
  • manage family affairs, personal emergencies, and mid day sleep when working from home

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