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Remote Work Life at Remote Staff

Draw inspiration for your remote work journey from Don and Jenni Foronda, a couple that’s successfully transitioned to the remote working lifestyle.

In this video, Don and Jenni Foronda talk about how they got into remote work 7 years ago. Upon returning to the Philippines, Don went back to work in the gaming industry, which entailed a lot of late nights and dealing with heavy traffic going to and from his workplace. It was Jenni who encouraged him to pursue remote working so they could both stay at home and take care of their two kids.

Don initially thought that remote working was mostly for call center agents, but was delighted to find that graphic designers like him could also do it full-time. He was then able to work as a full-time remote graphic designer for one of  Remote Staff’s clients.

Jenni, on the other hand, found an opening for the same company on JobStreet and eagerly applied as she wanted to have more control over her time and to be around her family more.

The couple has not looked back since and continue to enjoy the benefits of remote working while deftly handling the challenges that come with remote working.