Topic 8 | What Does the Life of a Successful Remote Worker Look Like

Let’s follow Miko as he goes on his adventures as a digital nomad.

With a few exceptions, he has been able to go around the Philippines and some parts of Asia without falling behind on work, all thanks to his laptop and a stable internet connection. So far, he’s been able to visit various places in Singapore, Myanmar, Japan while working remotely. Remote work has made it possible for people like Miko to experience other cultures and travel without compromising his job (or his bank balance).

If you’ve ever dreamed of going around the world while working, you may find Miko’s story helpful.

Disclaimer: Some clients still prefer their remote workers to be stationed at home for ease of communication and security, so  verify your client’s preferences before you embark on this sort of arrangement.


Miko’s Backstory


How to Maintain Self-Discipline When You’re Working On the Go

Working while traveling sounds very exciting, but it can also set you up for a lot of distractions along the way.

How does a digital nomad like Miko deal with this? For starters, he sets aside a concrete working schedule, where certain hours are set aside only for working, regardless of where he might be in the world. These hours usually depend on his client’s time zone.

Outside of these hours, Miko is free to venture out and see the sights, usually after 4 or 5 PM.

Furthermore, it helps to treat his travels abroad not as a vacation but as an extension of his normal life, where there are set working hours that he strictly follows.

It should also be noted that Miko doesn’t travel all the time, and that clients have to approve of such an arrangement before you proceed.