Carefully curated Skills Development Courses to elevate your remote working career.

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Carefully curated Skills Development Courses to elevate your remote working career.

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The Learning Goals

To realise this mission, Remote Staff has invested in creating Remote Working Skills Development Program (RWSDP) – free courses that will help Filipino remote workers build a lasting work relationship with their clients.

Our Objectives

We will equip you with the skills needed for your remote working setup. We will share key tips to hack your way out from the challenges of Remote Work.

We will provide helpful tips to improve your working relationship with your client. You’ll be more familiar with how to build rapport with your clients.

Upskill and learn new remote management skills and tools to make you more than Remote Ready! Find the best tools that will make your remote work more efficient.

Unlock the work autonomy and become a remote working pro. Learn competencies that will engage you to self-learn and improve your expertise.

Our Courses

All About Remote Working

We are here to empower entrepreneurs and Filipino remote contractors. The offer contains courses designed to help you fully understand what remote working is. After successfully completing this course, you may will learn the basics to become work independently and remotely.

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Onboarding to Remote Job – Getting ready to deliver

Welcome to the team! In this course, be familiar with your new remote job; get acquainted with the processes and systems that you will utilize; and feel free to connect if you have questions and clarification — the team is ready to assist you!

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Becoming a Remote Working Pro – Gain specialist skills for Remote Working

This offer is offered to candidates participating in the Remote Staff’s talent matching platform. The offer contains advanced courses and core competencies about remote working. Once completed, you will be certified by Remote Staff.

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The Learning Tools

The courses are structured to aid your understanding and improve retention of the skill competencies.

Guided Modules and Case Studies

Videos and

Downloadable Templates and Infographics