Topic 1 | How Remote Staff Began

Meet the company who have helped thousands of Filipino remote workers since 2007. Learn all about Remote Staff directly from our CEO-Founder, Chris Jankulovski.

Remote Staff is a PEZA-accredited company founded in 2007, specializing in matching clients to Filipino remote workers. Remote Staff pioneered the remote working movement in the Philippines.

Remote working has been in Remote Staff’s DNA since day one. We are a remote-first company with a fully distributed team for the first 4 years of operation.

In 2012, we opened our first office headquarters in Salcedo Village Makati to support our growing number of Filipino remote workers.

Today, we have a team of 90 in-house staff supporting 700+ remote workers around the Philippines. We have built and supported over 8,000 remote work relationships since 2007.


What Do We Do?


We have always understood the worker and employer anxieties around remote work. Our in-house monitoring technology promotes transparency and trust.

  • Client anxieties working with remote workers is reduced because our monitoring technology provides transparency resulting in trust and accountability.
  • Remote worker anxieties are reduced because our monitoring technology supports and provides proof of work.


  • We provide training to both the workers and employers to ensure a healthy and productive remote working relationship.
  • We provide account management support to both workers and employers to address any remote working and cultural challenges.

Payroll and Administration

  • We manage and organize enforceable contracts with foreign clients.
  • We guarantee your pay.
  • We register remote workers as self employed professionals.
  • We manage the benefits contributions, tax with-holdings and quarterly government reporting obligations.
  • We manage the payroll, we pay directly into local bank accounts in Philippine Pesos.

Talent Matching

We match skilled and proactive Filipinos by profiling these candidates on our:

  • Digital Staffing Platform;
  • Directly marketing  qualified candidates to international employers;
  • Match qualified candidates to current job openings.


Why Do We Exist?

To empower entrepreneurs and remote workers to do more and make a meaningful difference in both their lives.


How Do We Envision the Future?

To professionalize the remote working landscape of the Philippines.